The Eustache Institute Present Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as an Anti Aging Treatment.

Hollywood's Best Kept Secret For Looking Young.

​​Dr. Elena Eustache, the founder of the Eustache Institute, claims to have found the fountain of youth when it comes to anti-aging treatments and it's called hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Dr. Eustache says it's one of Hollywood's best-kept secrets, and many of her clients who come to the Eustache Institute, for anti-aging treatments, are today's hottest celebrities. When people think of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, they don't associate it with anti-aging products, but Dr. Eustache states this method of therapy is not just for treating illnesses like decompression sickness and diabetic wound healing, it's also an essential component in skin rejuvenation too.

"When it comes to aging, many of us hope to age gracefully and hold on to our vibrant and youthful skin for as long as possible. With Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, one can dramatically slow down their body's aging process," says Dr. Elena Eustache. Let's face it, aging is inevitable, but if there are treatments out there that can help us stay healthy, have more energy, feel and look younger, why not give it a try, especially when the procedure is non-invasive, painless and free of chemicals. HBOT will plump up your skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boost your energy and help you lose weight, with long-lasting results."

With Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, one can dramatically slow down their body's aging process.

Dr. Elena Eustache, Neurofeedback & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Specialist

HBOT is the process of breathing in 100 percent pure oxygen, allowing for your body’s antioxidant defenses to get a massive boost, enhancing the body's capacity to fight free radicals. Furthermore, it will improve your body's metabolism (helping you to lose weight) and counteract the hypoxia (low oxygen level) that slows cell activity causing oxidative strain.

Beginning October 30th through November 30th, Dr. Elena Eustache is offering one Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment along with a free consultation at the Eustache Institute, located in Los Angeles CA.  For those interested, please visit her website at to schedule an appointment.

About Dr. Elena Eustache

Dr. Elena Eustache has a Ph.D. in Psychology and Cognitive Behavior Therapy and specializes in Neurofeedback Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. In addition, Dr. Eustache is a relationship and parent coach dedicated to helping her patients live the healthy and successful life they’ve always dreamed of.

About Eustache Institute 

Eustache Institute, established in 2009, by Dr. Elena Eustache, specializes in treating neurological disorders with Neurofeedback therapy, Hyperbaric Therapy, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. The Eustache Institute also offers relationship and individual counseling. You can read more about the Eustache Institute by visiting


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