The Eustache Institute is Offering Free Neurofeedback Therapy to Adults and Children With a History of Child Abuse, Neglect, and Trafficking.

Dr. Elena Eustache

Alternative Therapy that is highly effective

The Eustache Institute is offering free neurofeedback therapy to those who are survivors of child abuse, child neglect, and sex trafficking. Neurofeedback therapy is a valid form of treatment with a high success rate. Since many health insurance companies don't cover this form of therapy, the Eustache Institute is stepping in to help them overcome their trauma, and they are looking to partner up with a reputable non-profit organization whose mission is to help people who've suffered from child abuse, child neglect, and sex trafficking.

"At the Eustache Institute, we treat adults and children who have suffered from abuse, neglect, and trafficking with the utmost care and kindness," say's Dr. Elena Eustache. We ask loved ones of our patients to have patience and be supportive throughout the process. What many of my patients have gone through, is truly inhumane, unforgivable acts. They deserve our support, and empathy which  is why we offer high-quality therapy free of charge."

Everyone deserves to live a wonderful, safe and healthy life.

Dr. Elena Eustache, Neurofeedback Therapy Specialist

The Eustache Institute combines counseling sessions along with neurofeedback therapy. It's essential for their patients to feel comfortable speaking about their abuse, which allows them to confront the memory and express how it makes them feel so they can move forward. In connection with the brain and its function, the trauma a person experiences will alter their perception. Since the brain is the control center of the body and mind, the brain will become unbalanced after suffering from a such a painfully stressed event. Neurofeedback therapy will help bring the brain back into balance with focused “brain training” exercises, designed to retrain the brain for healthier brain patterns. Allowing a person to recover so they will heal from the trauma they experienced, and live a better quality of life.

About Dr. Elena Eustache
Dr. Elena Eustache is a specialist in neurofeedback therapy, with a Ph.D. in Psychology and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Dr. Elena Eustache helps her patients reach their full potential so they can live the life they’ve always dreamed. You can read more about neurofeedback therapy by visiting her blog. You may also find her on Instagram and Facebook.

About Eustache Institute 
Eustache Institute, established in 2009, by Dr. Elena Eustache, specializes in treating neurological disorders with Neurofeedback therapy, Hyperbaric Therapy, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. The Eustache Institute also offers relationship and individual counseling. You can read more about the Eustache Institute by visiting 


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